Wake up with messy hair, feel unwell. It’s like another day, the first sight is my pets waiting for me on the back of trellis door, as if dancing I like when they altogether moving up their tails left and right-left and right, as if they have planned it every time I appear. As if it’s a morning rules I have to payback with crackers… Then they forget their dance and I left behind watching them enjoying their morning meal. Continue reading



Not a best month I think since all my pets infected by virus called Distemper. A virus which is incurable with just taking pills most. Most are ended with death. I know I shouldn’t ask “why”, everything has reason and each reason, both it is ending with goodness or badness will soon taking you to a point that you need to do more and more for something better. Continue reading


Today I got an enlightenment, so in the evening when Mom and Dad stopped by like usual every Saturday and when the topic discussion is about “The Property”, I know that they will ask me “How is it? Any new client?”

“Client” I mean is people who looking for house both cash or just renting. Mostly houses in our property are rented by families for one year. And recently there are 5 empty houses and Dad was asking me to promote these house to those who looking for one.

Years before, Dad entrusted his property to someone he called “His right hand”, this guy then received facilities from my Dad. He lived in luxury, and Dad didn’t realise that this guy has cheated him until I show him all his deceptions. Since then Dad entrust this property matter to me. That was before my sister finally turned up. Continue reading


I’m failed.
The Coffee Shop has no meaning now. I’m failed in manage it. Too many intervention that I can’t deal with it. I can’t accept it to be honest.

I always the “Fool” for whatever happens. My decisions, my movements, my thinking, my ideas, all sounded more idiot to my ears every time these all become a hot topic on the table. She laughing, blaming and pointing herself as the “Genius” one. Continue reading


Ever since Chester, Brooklyn, Paris and Boston born in this house, they seriously keeping me busy. It almost 2 weeks and their eyes quietly opened even a little. I act as a grandmother and they are my grand child, that’s what I call them every time I have to leave group just to make sure are they sleeping okay or just to feed Pinsch and Sam.  My buddies calling me granny now! 🙂


But one thing that making me sad, that I can’t raise my dogs like others do. My dogs have raised in the “dark”. I mean, they are not allowed wandering around in the day. This because not all customer can understand a dog presence around them. And I’m afraid that my four little dogs will experiencing the same. But I love them…

It’s nearly 2 weeks since they born…
Now I can’t wait to watch them seeing and recognizing me as their granny 🙂


Hi Guys…
Have written about my Coffee Shop soft opening and now I proudly to announce you about my Pinsch. She has become a mother since June, 1, 2013.  It’s been 3 days now, I’m happy because her 4 babies born in good condition.  I was there, become an eye witness of these cute puppies birth. Pinsch let me taking pictures of each moment. I watching, picturing and studying all things she doing, and all of them are amazing. I hardly believe my spoil Pinsch taking care of her babies from the first until the forth. Animal instinct is amazing, like Pinsch, she birthing her babies with no help from the Doctor, she cutting the umbilical cords and cleaning the placentas of her babies herself.  Her “childbirth’ taken place about 4 hours, let say each baby born every 1 hour. The first baby born at 00.15, Saturday, day first on June. Continue reading


Thank God, finally my coffee shop has officially opened yesterday. No big ceremony – no gala party even there’s no special cakes or dishes to celebrate this opening.

First day wasn’t ά busy day but at least I’ve passed it which is the hardest part for me everytime I start ά new job or business. I call it as ά “nervous” day.

The second day much better than the first, my big thank to God and also my two friends Meg and Sam because they are with me from the first to this day, accompany and giving me spirit.

Don’ † know ’bout tomorrow but I hope it will be much-much better than today 🙂

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I have ά good news. My Pinsch is pregnant ! Well, I must admit that this is kinda big surprise for me since I know about her pregnancy. Because at the first time I thought that she’s ‘just’ fatter than before.

And of course, I’m happy! Knowing that there will be cute baby puppies born soon in this house. And also my coffee shop will be opened on Monday. So, this is ά double happiness for me.

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The room painting has done. It’s yellow. I don’t know why I choose this color. Maybe because the old one was too soft so that I want it to see more clear and bright.

All made of wood: the benches – tables even the kitchen table. I’m glad that I been through it. My struggle become more light and soon as this coffee shop opened, I can re-fixing the mess that I’ve made in my little shop. How I neglected it because most all incomes centered for my future coffee shop. Ƴøυ must know how headache it is when ƴøυ must organize the budget without making other being neglected. But I failed, I admit. I neglected my little shop. So when I sitting alone this afternoon, staring toward inside the room of my coffee shop, I could feel such ά relieved that I no longer depressed and soon the situation will be back in to normal, I hope.

I’m proud of myself of course. This coffee shop, for me is ά symbol of my success. I said ‘success’ because from beginning until the end of the process, I didn’t ask for any help from my parents. I’m proud to show them : this is my work, my workhard. And I hope they proud of me too, I hope…

It just ά modest coffee shop. And now is about the time. The right time for soft opening. Gonna inviting some friends to celebrate it in modest way too. And ƴøυ’re invited, lol… 🙂

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I wonder how could ƴøυ talk, laugh and smile at and act as if ƴøυ care while ƴøυ don’ †? How could ƴøυ hide all hatred in ƴøυ and pretending as if ƴøυ supporting me?

How could ƴøυ in detail, remember each words I said and catch them for later ƴøυ use as ά lance to hurt my heart?

And I’m seriously hurt, really…

I never know what’s in your heart. I trusted ƴøυ and believed that ƴøυ care. No ƴøυ don’ †. Ƴøυ think by gossiping behind my back making ƴøυ loved by those, ƴøυ think by saying bad things about me making ƴøυ be glorified by them.

Honestly, I feel $ℴґґ¥ for ƴøυ. They aren’ † as stupid as ƴøυ thought. People, no matter educated or not, they know how to judge. They know which is right or wrong, and they know that ƴøυ’re full of bullshit.

They are now laughing at ƴøυ, avoiding ƴøυ and I should be happy for this. But no… I’m still hurt. I hurt because Ƴøυ have eliminated my trust, ƴøυ killed this familiarity and ƴøυ grow ά hate in my heart. And forever, I will never trust ƴøυ.

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I’m out of idea of what things should I grumble about. The widget “Blogs I Follow” is just hit my mind. So here, I attached this widget on the right side of my blog. Firstly I tried to make it appear “List” but “Grid” is much cool tho’. My blog is much prettier now (yay !!! 🙂 )

Ok, this is for you…
What a shame cause  WordPress allowed 50 blogs to be displayed only, so I can’t put it all here.  If there’s another way to make it more than 50 on this widget, just let me know …. 😉 Continue reading