(L-R) Brooklyn-Paris-Boston-Chester

(L-R) Brooklyn-Paris-Boston-Chester

Born on Saturday,June, 1st, 2013
When this post has published, they have reached the age of 3 weeks.
We name them: Chester (the eldest), Brooklyn, Paris and Boston. Only Paris born as female, the rest are male.

Even though their eyes have opened on the second weeks, but their ears haven’t yet. So they still can’t hear the sounds perfectly. On this third weeks, they have started to show their each characteristics. We also have ά call for each.

Like Chester, we called him “hit and sleep”. Or Brooklyn the “never satisfied” or “The Sullen” Paris or “The fragile but strong” Boston.

My husband and I loving them like our baby. And soon this house will be filled with 6 guards, we think that’s cool.

I start to feed them an additional milk. Since they growing new teeth, I can only give cereal or porridge to make them full.

And so far they grow up healthy. It’s fun watching them playing and biting my husband’s fingers. Can’t wait until their bones grows stronger so they can stabilizing their position while playing and not easily fall down like now.

More when they have reached 4 weeks.
See you and thanks for stop by on this page 🙂


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