This is Sam.
A brown male dog which is wellknown through his “Night Howl” I know this a bit unfair for him because we only set him free at 11 pm until 5 am. The situation has change since we move to this house which has no yard.

Sam has a tendency to put a high suspicious to everyone he sees and has no hesitate to chase them. His barks  frightening most people. Once he barking, he will not stop until we confince him that the people he sees is our customer or family or friend. We then agreed to not setting him free to be out there in the day because of his barks is giving impact to our business especially to my Little Shop. Sam can’t recognize the buyers who come to my shop. For him it may too difficult to remember them because the people who in and out from my shop are always taking turns. Contrary with our Internet Cafe’s member. Sam has no problem to remember them, so for him, those members are part of the people he has to protect. He remember their vehicles, so if he saw someone walk to get close to one of those member’s vehicle, there’s no mercy, he will as fast as he can, barking while chasing that person. It is good in one side but most bad in other side, you know what I meant. And that’s another reason why he must be placed in backyard.

In the night he is so usefull. He is a loyal and a strong guard.  What I learn from Sam is, he’s too over protective, both to us or to our house. It is annoyed me sometime, but what I learn about Sam is, this is the way he try to tell us that he loves us and will always be a good protector.


Sam is a nice dog indeed.  He only can’t set up his bark-tune to be more soft. Sometime I wonder, how could be he has such that bark? It is to be honest, not suitable compared with his posture. If you heard his bark-sound, you won’t believe that it comes from a such a kind dog like Sam. Like I said, he’s just a common dog. In the certain times, he howling like a wolf, a long and beautiful howl. I love to hear  his howling although people around said, when a dog howling, it means it seeing a ghost.

Sam is well-known in this are especially in a lane where we lives. There are only 8 houses in this lane. And Sam, as he being set up free at 11, he will soon controlling each house and make sure there’s no  suspicious thing around. Our neighbours admit that Sam has change this lane become safe and dangerous. Dangerous for those who has a bad intention of course. No wonder why they as if missing  Sam when he “dissapeared” and asked “Where is he? I didn’t hear him last night”. That was when Sam fell sick or injured after been clashed with another dog from housing-complex which few kilos away from our lane. Sam has a territory, and once another dog-intruder trying to pass it, it would be a big fight.

I can’t forget that night, when my husband and I went out for dinner. Sam involved in a serious fighting with more than 3 dogs. He back home with serious injured in his body. He found me nowhere, neither my husband. He choose to wait for us in the terrace. And when we home, he looked so happy, contrary with me. I can’t hold my tears to see him like that. It was 8 pm and I started to blame the guy who work with and live with us because he had set Sam out before it’s time. And because of his carelessness, I decided to set this guy free.

It took 2 weeks for Sam to be back normal. I took pictures of him and his wounds. It was so sad to see him laying there, no bark, no howl. The doctor found more than 15 holes on his body, one of them was the biggest also the worse, it’s on his nape. And it believed that Sam had a big fight with more than 2 dogs that night, or in other words,  1 against 3 or could be 5 dogs !

I wish I could show you his pictures along with his wounds, but no… It’s too sad for me. Too sad…

But what I found after that?
I no longer see the dogs from housing-complex wandering around like usual in our lane. They as if dissapeared. I no longer hear their barks from the distance like usual either. And it surprise me so much to know that after been cure from his injures, Sam’s territory become even wider, he is now controlling 2 area at once; our lane and the housing-complex. And he never home with injures until now eventhough that complex known have dogs in each it houses. So my husband and I make a joke about it, “It could be Sam who became the winner in that big fight so that he now freely in and out that housing-complex and all those dogs welcoming and serves him good food in each his visiting”


Well… That’s it.
This is a bit about Sam.
And I will introduce you another 2 pets I have soon; Cze and Pinsch.


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