This page I dedicated to my lovely pets. Sam, Cze and Pinsch.
My pets aren’t come from the highest races, just a common pets. But I love them very much. They love me too.. of course.

I often speak to them like I speak to human. This habit has become a “common thing” among my friends, family and neighbour. They no longer calling me crazy because I always speak to them, and finally they no longer calling them as my pets, but my babies. So when they find me in the store without one of them, they would ask “where’s your babies?” or the most callling I love so is when they ask “where’s your kids?”

Sam, Cze and Pinsch have their orwn history.
Each story has making me aware that I need to protect and loving them even more. Sometime I think it’s not fair that I once crying and being grievous for years when Bambie, a Golden Retriever I once had was died. My feeling was totally different when I heard my ex-boy friend passed away. I didn’t cry, only being grievous for a day and re-remembering our togetherness for two days. And then …. that’s it. No more such a grieve after that.

My husband also an animal lover, so we’re match as a crazy couple who likes to have a conversation with pets !

But we love it. We never mind when people laughed at us.
I love it when I wake up in the morning and they are getting ready to welcome me. I get myself ready too for whatever kind of “welcome” they’re gonna do. Each has a different character. Pinsch the “impatient” girl, Sam the “strong kicker” or Cze the “confident” one. So I usually greeting them by saying “hello baby” then hugging them. I start from Pinsch then Sam. You don’t need to hug Cze because she’s too confident and believe that with or without I hugging her, my love to her is more than to Sam or Pinsch. And I never told her that I love them equally either.

I love this moment when I hugging or massaging Pinsch then suddenly Cze come next to me, this will pull a trigger Pinsch anger. Then the funny fight begins, it makes me laugh and it happen every morning, breakfast, lunch and dinner time. It’s a quite funny entertainment.

That’s a little piece about my pets, my babies, my kids.
I love them.
Do you love your pets like I do too ???


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