Marked on December the 5th, the keys have been handed to me. My husband and I now have our own separate living house from my big family. No Mother, no Brother and no interrupter. But we planning to officially off this house next Tuesday, December, 17th, it is because one from another reason that we can’t move as that fast. This house worth $700/year is quite big for two of us. Two bedrooms (main bedroom and guest bedroom), a spacious kitchen, a wide living room with two side (one for main living room and another one is a room, fit for watching/family room. Fresh air, you can hear the birds singing in the morning, peaceful and quite different with noisy atmosphere in our old place.
I call it “tragedy” for what has happened between me and my brother or me with my Mother. But there are some benefits I get from this. Some of kindness that mostly they are putting us on the victory chair. And I wasn’t wrong guessing that my sister is the mastermind behind all this, because one by one, during these latest days, all my assumptions finally proved.
I can’t blame my Brother, because he’s also a victim, he’s being manipulated, and above all… We’re all victim of my sister’s scenario. I’m glad – because my husband and I finally become the winner of this battle, we have evinced them that we’re not afraid to walk out, we’re not afraid to show who we are. This house is an evidence that we no longer want them, we no longer what we were.
This “Tragedy” has open up lots of conspiracy. I already got a picture for the first place my sister steps in to our big family, that one day my sister will do something harm to me and to other. I thank God, to the Universe, to those who supporting us : my Dad, my cousin Martin and his lovely wife. I’ll never forget all things you have done to us to make everything back to the normal again.
My Dad has decided that no one can drive me and my husband away from this house, no one included my sister, brother and also my Mother. I still given an authority to handle business my Dad own and also running my own business just like usual and no one can complain.
Even though we told Dad that we are agreed to live separate from business house we used to live in, Dad finally agree with us.
“I don’t find it’s a bad idea. Anyway, you both are couple married, you need a proper house to build your own life. I agree and bless you two. But never do business in another place, just do it in here, in our place. So you have two separate place for a normal living and working living, both are amazing, aren’t they?”
Love you Dad….
Thank you ….

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