Dear Goddess of Death
I think You should have taken me along ago in that river, it should be me and not my twin. If I knew You let me alive just to face this bitterness, I would have been commited suicide when there was a right time. Why must I facing these people? Why must putting me side by side with them? If You think that I might grow wiser and would be much stronger than before, You are wrong ! This making me sick – I’m tired !

I wasn’t born for this, I’m not prepared to deal with this drama, and it makes me even tired. I always wrong – always being blamed – and I hated. Why? Why is it hard for me to compromise with heartache, why You didn’t provide me with millions of sorry for me to share for those who have hurted me? This quite unfair, really unfair…
Dear Goddess of Death
Tonight I really hate You !
You help me not!
Where…? Where are You?
Why do You do this to me?
Are You satisfied now when they hate and laugh at me?
Why? Why didn’t You choose me in that river? Why must my twin? I believe she is more happy than me in There now, then why You think I don’t deserve for a happiness?
I hate You !!!!
You taught me to keep all things with me, to never let others know how hurt I feel. I did it even until now… But look how huge damage have You done to me and where are You when I need You to fix it?
You taught me to keep making people laugh and cheers, to have them with me in secure, to prioritize their needs and put mine aside, to keep my heart away from anger and jealousy, to keep smiling when they putting me down and so on and so on….
Now tell me
Dear Goddess of Death
Is this what I learned for?
Is this the reason why You choose me instead of my twin?
To be underestimated, to be fooled, to be whatever You want them to do to me?
Why must me ?
In memoriam
St. Agnes
Permitted to be live in this world for only 3 years
Wish you Lots of happiness in there ♡♥♡♥♡♥

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