My one and the only brother in the world – Joseph – has just arrived at 5 in the afternoon, right after I got back from the market. Oh yeah, I forgot to update the latest news of his, that he’s going to open some kind of “bag-boutique” next to Dad’s store. He looked slenderer since been living in Jakarta. He is here now, back to this city, back to Mommy’s and Daddy’s embrace. I won’t be surprise if then I heard all the money flushed on to his new business is come from Mom and Dad.

I didn’t welcome him as that clamorous as my sister did. He just a ‘brother’, an ungrateful brother. He has broke the deal between us and I no longer trust him, never – ever.
I know he doesn’t long for me also, he said ‘HI’ and I answered with “HI” too, what else could I say?
My sister and he involved in serious conversation that I didn’t want to interrupt. But then I realized that the women who hire the small shop next to my sister’s even didn’t show up like usual. I found her watching romantic movie through laptop she brought from her house. What an odd, she used to chit-chat with my sister and they both used to act like crazy people at the time like this. She’s somewhat quiet today. Is something happening between her and my sister? Or maybe her husband did something that hurt her last night? I remembered she texts me last night asking about her husband, “was he around after I leave? Because he supposed to pick me, but he didn’t and after I home, he’s not around. I wonder where is he now?”
I told her that I didn’t see her husband around, because after she left, I was about closing my store too.
Even today, I didn’t ask her her husband returned home last night, I wait until she told me herself but she didn’t. Something different, unusual, and she never been as quiet as today.  And also the 2 girls who also helps her in her small shop. They sometime help my sister delivering foods order to her customer. Now both of them seems  hiding in the small shop enjoying the movie watched from 12inch of screen.
My brother didn’t stay long, he went somewhere and my sister sat alone sucking her cigarette. I waited the women would walk out from her small shop, could be she was uncomfortable to join with my sister while my brother was there. But after closing time, she still in her small shop, she didn’t walk out, she spoke to my sister only a little. It’s unusual manner.
Well, I don’t know what’s happening between them. Maybe she needs a space to be alone to think about “where was her husband last night” – or maybe her ‘today-mood’ is enjoying romantic movies until undecided time.
Around 8pm my brother back followed with his 2 friends. He ordered drinks for her 2 friends and I didn’t expected him to pay because I know he won’t.

Closing time and the women quiet still, she leaves with short ‘bye’ to my sister and I feel myself like an observer of their habits. Whats the matter with me?!

“See you tomorrow” she waved her hands over me while walking away.

After being through this day, I can sense that tomorrow is the more boring moment: Mom’s coming.
The next updates of her – about her way to put me down – and how sick I am facing all her non-senses. Along with her one and the only son around, she would be more annoy.


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