Something’s happened today, something that has touched me  this afternoon.
My friend Corry came over, putted out a thing through her comely bag. It is a black plastic bundle which secretly aimed  towards me, just like a drug secret business – done without eye contact.
“From Malaysia” she whispered and flickered.
I stunned while gazing to that bundle then moving at her, “Thank you..” that’s only I could say.
She smiled then walking back towards her bench across mine. Doubtful I start opening the bundle, peeping in to it and I found something like a note book and a brooch. I hastened hiding the bundle in to my rucksack as Samantha, a friend who came with me to this cafe suddenly appeared and sat next to me. Once again, I glanced at Corry but she pretended as if she’s busy with her book.

It’s pretty shame if I remembered  what has happened 3 months ago, in the same place, and Samantha was really pissed off with Corry. She called her “Bi” ( stands lesbian) said that she doesn’t worth to be friend with us.
I don’t really know Corry but she seems a nice girl. The last conversation we had in the park was an interesting one and she’s not a the type of person that boring to talk with, she can change the conversation or the topic instantly and it still an interesting one, she knows a lot about everything and she’s got a huge experiences about traveling, heard that she done it for 5 years. The last conversation we had were mostly about the places she stopped by and I find it as an interesting things for me to know. But it’s different with Samantha.
Samantha doesn’t like her. Like a sound of a huge explosion she raged at Corry .
“You’re nothing but a cheap f***in’ Bi”
Just like me, Corry was really shocked and couldn’t say anything, !
I have no idea why Samantha suddenly changes and turns to be so skeptical to her.
We were sitting together and having dinner and Corry started to share about her experiences which soon became a big argument between Samantha and her. They both likes traveling, indeed, and it just happened like that as Corry didn’t take her opinion about Thailand. Samantha told me one night that she’s stubborn, arrogant, doesn’t want to accept other people’s idea, “She’s a Doctor Knows Everything!” she said.
Since then, Corry and I doing everything secretly. Solely to not hurt Samantha, that’s what I thought.
Corry knew my position and she never blamed me for stay away from her anytime Samantha was there.
She’s got less friend but I’m sure she enjoying her solitude. One day when I gathering with friends and saw her sitting there alone stared occasionally at me, I found a sadness in her eyes, those eyes got many things to say but they couldn’t, they trapped in fear and longing, longing for friends…
I always being nice to her but it’s nothing if  Samantha was there. Sometimes I feel guilty as I have no courage to Samantha. But in the end I realized that my freedom has been taken from me.  She controls me, she tried to set my life : whom I can be friend with, whom I can speak with and so on and so on. As I aware about this, I totally hate it. I don’t like my self under someone’s control !!
Samantha is not my mother then why should I worry about her feelings if I’m talking to Corry?
I have a right speak to anyone I want to and she has no right to stop me!
“Thank you…” Once again I said once again to Corry with the different way : mouth motion, without sounds.
While Samantha keep grumbling for Corry presence and saying nasty words belongs to her.
“She’s not that bad” Finally I said this.
Samantha bulged at me, “Yes, she’s not that bad!” I repeated once again.
I can’t believe I said that but soon I feel relieve and yes I assure she doesn’t like my statement.
For me there’s no reason to judge someone as a ‘Bi’ just because she’s got her own opinion about what she seen, she felt, she ate, etc. You can endure for one thing as long as you sure that it is true or correct through experience you had! That’s Corry, she tried to maintain her opinion which was totally true but Samantha took it up as a big matter. She couldn’t see from another corner, one might has their own vision. She couldn’t take the fact that everyone got their own definition, vision and all are different. She can’t pushes someone to believe what she believe! Everybody is free! (Either me…!).
As I arrived in my room, I soon opening my rucksack and pull out the bundle given by Corry.
No, it’s not a note book, but it is like a postcards wrapped in a black envelope which contains of colorful pictures about Malaysia written “Celebrating 50 years of Nationhood” on the back, published by Ministry of Tourism. Also there’s a brooch written “Visit Malaysia” – cute !
I scrutinize those postcards one by one ; “A myriad of culinary delights” (All about the foods), “One of the world’s top diving destinations” (I see turtles and a guy diving under the sea…), “Sensational sun, sand and sea” (about the lake and ocean), “The hills are always alive with nature’s best” (I see the beautiful green tea plants), “Fall in love again and again” (This is something about a romantic places around Malaysia), “Marvel at nature’s wonders” (I see the huge cave along with an ancient plants such Raflesia), Come home to Malaysia(about the ethnic houses), “Multi-cultural. Multi-ethnic. Multi-colours of Life” (all about the traditional clothes of Malaysian), and much more…! There are about 15 postcards in one envelope.
Suddenly I remember Corry, her face across my mind, questions appears at the same time, “When did she go there? Why did she buy me these? It’s bizarre to know she remembered me when she was there and deliberately bought these things. Are there another friend of hers given the same things like these? Or maybe Samantha was true, that Corry is a ‘Bi’? If she is, do I accept it then? Am I ready to be friend with her if she’s a real ‘Bi’?”
Then I wipe my face, “Damn…. Why do I as suspicious as like this tonight? I don’t like this thought.
What’s wrong with a “Bi”? The main thing is a friendship, as long as she doesn’t bothers me, so what is it matter?
I’m not perfect and also I don’t know my own quality. How can I judge her as that bad and start to believe Samantha’s thought? Ah.. This is crazy!

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