When I heard they say BlackBerry will soon no longer available in Indonesia because this big company experiencing bankruptcy and has sold its shares to Android, I feel like I will missing mine. I don’t know what will be happen when BlackBerry stop operating, am I still able to use its applications? Or just like they said that I have to threw it into the water?




5 thoughts on “BLACKBERRY

  1. nope blackberry market is high in Indonesia and it is still growing. Every blackberry user needs to market their OS10 devices. I would suggest you to check out the new update of BB10 os and also OS7 update is doing perfectly alright. If incase BB sells off, it’s services will be there for more than 10 years. So don’t worry enjoy secured networks. Never go for cheap android where every minute you are being haunted by ghosts of virus in it

    • Thank you urskruz. Yes I have read it service will be still there even if BB sells off. Glad to know it because I love my BB because It’s useful for me especially, it size very simple so I can keep it in my pocket. Beside, applications in it has been set up for my needs.
      And also thank for following my blog. Keep writing… šŸ™‚

  2. It’s good and I always my BB too and I’d been in love since 2008, never broke up with Blackberry. Now only one-thing worries me that the new update for OS10 is awesome and I really need to upgrade to it soon I guess. There’s a positive news from Blackberry Ltd, lately. They won’t be leaving business and now an Asian is heading the company as CEO, so I guess, he can sense our markets and go deeper and stronger than any other…
    My love never dies for you “BLACKBERRY” ā¤

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