Unreadble – Readable

I once told him that I can forgive thousands mistakes one’s made. That no one allowed to determine which part would make me angry or sad or happy. I have myself unreadable, because I love to be like that. So I warned him to be careful. He said “I understood”.

Now I understand, why he said so. It’s because he thought he’s too clever to understand me, and considered that I am – readable. He has splashed a little black dot and thought it’s okay. No, I’m not okay. He has walked too far.

This is what I’m afraid about.
I’m afraid that I have no more heart because that little black-dot looked BIG for me now while he thought it’s just a PIECE, because he considered me – readable.

So I wonder, why should I stay here facing the same non-sense? Why should I fight for nothing? Isn’t it more easy to dump away all those who tries to splash dots on my face? Isn’t it more easy to erase their faces off this scrapbook rather than keep it?

So I told him that he’s not that clever, that he’s not that awesome to me. Because that little dot that he thought a “piece” has been a Big matter for me. And I no longer need him entire my life.

And I’m going to dump him.
Erase him – Forever.


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