Wake up with messy hair, feel unwell. It’s like another day, the first sight is my pets waiting for me on the back of trellis door, as if dancing I like when they altogether moving up their tails left and right-left and right, as if they have planned it every time I appear. As if it’s a morning rules I have to payback with crackers… Then they forget their dance and I left behind watching them enjoying their morning meal.

What day is it today?
It’s Tuesday and it’s Muslims holiday, an Eid Ul-Adha. The road looks empty, no voices, it’s so peace. Still on watching mode, I wonder, what I have wished for? Do I have one? So this is it? That’s all? This suppose my day?

Both it is Muslims Holiday or not, this morning is just like mornings before. Nothing and no one surprises me… There should be a wishes, should be candles, should be happiness. Because this is my day.. It’s my birthday.

Happy Birthday To Me


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