Not a best month I think since all my pets infected by virus called Distemper. A virus which is incurable with just taking pills most. Most are ended with death. I know I shouldn’t ask “why”, everything has reason and each reason, both it is ending with goodness or badness will soon taking you to a point that you need to do more and more for something better.

This started when Paris, the 3rd, caught a green frog which passed by in front her. Still alive the frog tried to escape but Paris’s teeth grabbed it even tighter. We screamed as if it would stop her but it didn’t so I chased her then helped the frog to run away, still alive. Since then Paris fell sick. She being poisoned. We ran her to the doctor and got vaccine. But she didn’t get cure even more worse. But it’s just only for two days and after that she getting okay.

Now if I looking back, I realize that in fact, I didn’t taking care of her really good. I didn’t separate her bowls from others which could be the first reason why suddenly all happened. I remember Brooklyn was the second pet of mine which then fell sick.  He got dysentery. Then followed with Pinsch (the mother) then Sam (the Father) then Chester the 1st.

Can you imagine how panic I was?
All needed special treatment. all needed to be saved.


I always tried to keep thinking in positive way, tried to have myself looked calm even though it’s hurt inside. The doctor sentence them infected Distemper. And after I browsed all articles about this deaden virus, I remember how I felt. It’s like you know someone will die soon and the left is you’re allowed to watch his face as much as you want before that face disappear forever.

It was a hard days for me, taking them back and forth to the doctor, watching them laying down, weak. Even if everything back to the normal, only Chester left with physical defect. His nerves contaminated virus, ultimately his body will vibrate like “hiccup”

I thank God because they getting better, but also worry for Chester. He can’t feel any touches on his right-front leg, he also can’t support it when he walking or running. Many time he falls down when he tries to chase others. It is sad to see his brothers and sister playing while he only laying while watching them. The doctor said, forever Chester will be like that. Will be different, will be lame. It was a big surprise he said that all of them survived. Because mostly ended with death. Whatever it is I always thank God to have them back. Even though I can’t have them like they used to be, but they are my pearls. And I will never forgive myself if I were just watching and waiting and do nothing.

Now my hope is for Chester’s health.
I wish him to back normal again, although it sounds impossible, then I will ask for a miracle….



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