Today I got an enlightenment, so in the evening when Mom and Dad stopped by like usual every Saturday and when the topic discussion is about “The Property”, I know that they will ask me “How is it? Any new client?”

“Client” I mean is people who looking for house both cash or just renting. Mostly houses in our property are rented by families for one year. And recently there are 5 empty houses and Dad was asking me to promote these house to those who looking for one.

Years before, Dad entrusted his property to someone he called “His right hand”, this guy then received facilities from my Dad. He lived in luxury, and Dad didn’t realise that this guy has cheated him until I show him all his deceptions. Since then Dad entrust this property matter to me. That was before my sister finally turned up.

Everything was going right I think. My sister and I back to our own business and she never shows any sign that she “wants” this or that. I only know that she’s a destroyer because she once did it to my life. Mom placed her next with me running business in the same area and I once cursed Mom for her decision, but Mom didn’t listen to me.

I don’t know where it started, but when home improvement time has arrived and I brought builder to check out each house condition as my Dad ask me, there everything changed.

Dad rejected the builder I brought, he raises rental cost for each house and refused to receive money that I had already received before. He said “The cost has raised, return the money or ask him to pay more”

I protested “But this I received before you raise it?”
But Dad said nothing, so I left him and told the man who wanted to rent the house to leave, I said “I’m really sorry, I didn’t know that this house already sold”

I remember how white-and-red my face was. Since then I no longer promote the houses. Days after my sister brought a builder and my Dad accept this men. Followed with my Mom who then announce that my sister can promotes the houses also. Since then everything changed.

I open a Coffee Shop. It ran good in the beginning but then unclear in the end. I don’t know what I have, it seems all belongs to my Sister. She does whatever I doing, she took everything I have one by one.

When I see how eager she was when promoting houses, there I realize that she wants this property too. This have been a big issue for me. I can’t stop thinking about it, can’t stop blaming myself, and sometimes cursing my parents for letting her ruins my life.

When I met up my Guru, he told me to “Let it go”, I was so angry inside because Mom also told me the same too. But last night after my previous post, I got this enlightenment, I have this power, that I’m ready to let it go. So this evening when my Mom and Dad stopped by, in front of my sister, I told them that I no longer have no business with them in property matter.

When I telling them everything I feel inside, I could feel the tightness in my chest – I almost cried. It’s really sad when you thought that you have a responsible to your family but nobody consider it, it is painful when you try to do things to help your family but no one cares. And most unpleasant is when you doing things with honesty and sincerity but they never trust you, ever.

The last is the biggest form of our failure I think, a failure between me and parents. They never put a trust on me. How fool I am trying so hard-for so long – to win their heart while their heart not belong to me, never.

Now I understand every words My Guru told me, that I’ve been worry too much for so long. Worry for no reason, worry for no result. I kept thinking how to protect my parents, how to keep them away from deceivers because I seen them so many times being deceived by people. After all been through, now I understand that my parents destiny is like that, they born to be deceived. Then why should I worry anymore?

Of course I’m sad when I have to tell this to them, that I no longer take handling their property, that I no longer care of anything but my own goal. I’m sad when I see smile on my sister’s corner lips, sad when I see there’s no sadness in my parents face when they heard this.
One thing for sure: I’ll never give up of my Coffee Shop. Won’t let this taken by my sister. This is form of my hard-earned, and I will prove it that through this Coffee Shop my dreams will come true.

Now I ask myself:
Should I wait the next story of “My sis deceives my parents?”

No darling…

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