Today I got an enlightenment, so in the evening when Mom and Dad stopped by like usual every Saturday and when the topic discussion is about “The Property”, I know that they will ask me “How is it? Any new client?”

“Client” I mean is people who looking for house both cash or just renting. Mostly houses in our property are rented by families for one year. And recently there are 5 empty houses and Dad was asking me to promote these house to those who looking for one.

Years before, Dad entrusted his property to someone he called “His right hand”, this guy then received facilities from my Dad. He lived in luxury, and Dad didn’t realise that this guy has cheated him until I show him all his deceptions. Since then Dad entrust this property matter to me. That was before my sister finally turned up. Continue reading



I’m failed.
The Coffee Shop has no meaning now. I’m failed in manage it. Too many intervention that I can’t deal with it. I can’t accept it to be honest.

I always the “Fool” for whatever happens. My decisions, my movements, my thinking, my ideas, all sounded more idiot to my ears every time these all become a hot topic on the table. She laughing, blaming and pointing herself as the “Genius” one. Continue reading