Before August end I can only do posting through cell phone since my internet service has been suspended during students holiday. This decision taken to avoid expenses since income may decreased until the students back to University early September.

To be honest, this doesn’t matter for me at all. The matter is about what happening in my family. Where I finally have sent to solve problems my brother facing today.

Since my brother: Joseph moved to Jakarta, his company being neglected. He sent his brother-in-law Johnson to supervise and check the bookkeeping. Johnson and his wife, they don’t really understand the whole system of this company. They know only to check, pull the money then transferring them to my brother’s bank.

Before Joseph left, he recruit Frank (our sister’s son) for work with him. He still working until now. We all know the quality of Frank. He’s not a person who can be trusted, dishonest and likes stealing money. It’s only my brother who still willing to employ him and it makes me wonder, really.

2 months passed by and when it enter the 3rd months, there’s the real problem appear. The company income statement experiencing the chaos. The bookkeeping become unclear and transferring amount getting decrease.

Mom told me everything that ά half of those income have been taken by my sister and his son Frank. They collaborates to twirling those money for personal use. Said, the number of losses are about hundreds of thousands dollars.

I personally not shocked when I heard the number. Same as when my sister and her children allowed to live among me and my brother. I already smell the sign of cleavage but my parents got no ears to listen to my warning. Same as when my brother employ Frank and when he choose Johnson to supervise his company. I don’t say that I clever enough to see the future, but I knew the quality of Frank and my sister, in and out.

So far I didn’t say any words even when Mom checking out the bookkeeping while nagging over my sister. I didn’t try to report an incongruity I found in it. I just silent. Why? Because I know it useless, I’m tired being not considered. I’m tired being judged as the envious. So I just sitting there watching them debating about where those money gone, used for what, etc. Funny!

5 days ago my brother phoned and invited me to discuss about his problem. We spoke for hours. Finally he said that he needed me to help him solving this problem. By the time I really feel offended because it always me who finally sent out to fix broken things. Where was my position when things runs well? Did they remember me? No! They didn’t consider me exist at all. See now?!
But then I remember, that my brother is in need. I fully understand that he needs me because only me who know the codes to get in to the main server in order to check the whole income. And also, because I running the same business as my brother’s and it was me who set the codes for his server. This codes are secret codes, from here you can check everything about your company’s income. No matter how smart your employees fake a report, as long as this codes not given to someone else, then all data will be safe. So my brother, when he choose Johnson to supervise his company, he doesn’t give this codes, he keep it as a secret.

My brother once destroy my business until I experienced lot of losses. I can’t forget it to be honest. But is it a wise way if I refuse to help him just because the pass? So I said “Ok, I’ll help you”

Since then I start to investigate everything. Checking out bookkeeping and the computer system that most of them have been changed since my brother left. I fire the programmer and technician, re-setting the system back to the old and make sure that the main server is still safe, well it is. They can’t broke the codes so all data are still there.

4 days of examination and many forgery found. I immediately fax last two months data to my brother along with fake data that have been made by Frank. So far, I thought It’s Frank and my sister’s act that have made many loses, but tonight I found that it’s not only them, but also Johnson: he and his wife are also involved.

It’s really awful when you know that no one can be trusted, that whoever it is when money talks, one can changes from honest become dishonest, from good to be bad, from fool to be a sly one and family relationships can be ruined because of money no matter it is your brother-in-law or your mother-in-law. Anyone is possible become a betrayer because of money. Just like my brother’s case. When he’s not around, all in droves to steal his money as if he already died. Pathetic.

When he read the data report from maïn server which is the original data and compare it with data made up by Frank, Joseph looks pessimist. So I told him that I have an idea. And this idea is a secret idea.

“As long as you can keep this secret, I guarantee that your company will back to you. Entrust things to me and I will arranging all back to normal like it used to be”

This is our secret.
I have arranged everything neatly. We’ll see how it works.

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