Ever since Chester, Brooklyn, Paris and Boston born in this house, they seriously keeping me busy. It almost 2 weeks and their eyes quietly opened even a little. I act as a grandmother and they are my grand child, that’s what I call them every time I have to leave group just to make sure are they sleeping okay or just to feed Pinsch and Sam.  My buddies calling me granny now! 🙂


But one thing that making me sad, that I can’t raise my dogs like others do. My dogs have raised in the “dark”. I mean, they are not allowed wandering around in the day. This because not all customer can understand a dog presence around them. And I’m afraid that my four little dogs will experiencing the same. But I love them…

It’s nearly 2 weeks since they born…
Now I can’t wait to watch them seeing and recognizing me as their granny 🙂



Hi Guys…
Have written about my Coffee Shop soft opening and now I proudly to announce you about my Pinsch. She has become a mother since June, 1, 2013.  It’s been 3 days now, I’m happy because her 4 babies born in good condition.  I was there, become an eye witness of these cute puppies birth. Pinsch let me taking pictures of each moment. I watching, picturing and studying all things she doing, and all of them are amazing. I hardly believe my spoil Pinsch taking care of her babies from the first until the forth. Animal instinct is amazing, like Pinsch, she birthing her babies with no help from the Doctor, she cutting the umbilical cords and cleaning the placentas of her babies herself.  Her “childbirth’ taken place about 4 hours, let say each baby born every 1 hour. The first baby born at 00.15, Saturday, day first on June. Continue reading