The room painting has done. It’s yellow. I don’t know why I choose this color. Maybe because the old one was too soft so that I want it to see more clear and bright.

All made of wood: the benches – tables even the kitchen table. I’m glad that I been through it. My struggle become more light and soon as this coffee shop opened, I can re-fixing the mess that I’ve made in my little shop. How I neglected it because most all incomes centered for my future coffee shop. Ƴøυ must know how headache it is when ƴøυ must organize the budget without making other being neglected. But I failed, I admit. I neglected my little shop. So when I sitting alone this afternoon, staring toward inside the room of my coffee shop, I could feel such ά relieved that I no longer depressed and soon the situation will be back in to normal, I hope.

I’m proud of myself of course. This coffee shop, for me is ά symbol of my success. I said ‘success’ because from beginning until the end of the process, I didn’t ask for any help from my parents. I’m proud to show them : this is my work, my workhard. And I hope they proud of me too, I hope…

It just ά modest coffee shop. And now is about the time. The right time for soft opening. Gonna inviting some friends to celebrate it in modest way too. And ƴøυ’re invited, lol… 🙂

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