I wonder how could ƴøυ talk, laugh and smile at and act as if ƴøυ care while ƴøυ don’ †? How could ƴøυ hide all hatred in ƴøυ and pretending as if ƴøυ supporting me?

How could ƴøυ in detail, remember each words I said and catch them for later ƴøυ use as ά lance to hurt my heart?

And I’m seriously hurt, really…

I never know what’s in your heart. I trusted ƴøυ and believed that ƴøυ care. No ƴøυ don’ †. Ƴøυ think by gossiping behind my back making ƴøυ loved by those, ƴøυ think by saying bad things about me making ƴøυ be glorified by them.

Honestly, I feel $ℴґґ¥ for ƴøυ. They aren’ † as stupid as ƴøυ thought. People, no matter educated or not, they know how to judge. They know which is right or wrong, and they know that ƴøυ’re full of bullshit.

They are now laughing at ƴøυ, avoiding ƴøυ and I should be happy for this. But no… I’m still hurt. I hurt because Ƴøυ have eliminated my trust, ƴøυ killed this familiarity and ƴøυ grow ά hate in my heart. And forever, I will never trust ƴøυ.

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