Very sleepy.
We’re preparing things for tomorrow. Re-installing the computers, changing the tools to the new , etc.

The room still messy.
But I got to sleep now.


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Mom came to my shop last night. Like ά ghost, she appeared out of sudden to the shop, approached me and asked “what ƴøυ have for dinner?”

That was when I busy serving my customers. I made her wait for a moment and she chose ά round chair for her to sit and wait.

“I cooked ά pork-curry for you” finally she said when I finished with my customers. Well that’s ά good news. Because I haven’t prepare anything yet for dinner.

This is ά good news and also suspicious thing for me. See? Even when Mom trying to be nice to me, I keep thinking contrary. I don’t believe her. I don’t believe that she cooked that curry just for me. I also don’t believe that she came last night specially to deliver pork that she has cooked.

What else could I say beside “thanks”? However she tried to be nice. Then she invited me to join to my sister who was cleaning up the table for us to gather. Mom showed me the yellow colored tupperware where she put the curry.

“C’mon. Taste it” she insisted.

Dinner time last night went good. I behave nice and being cooperative. Just like nights before in each her visits, Mom only care about my sister’s culinary progress and less asking if I’m ok. I finally accustomed with this situation; to be ά neglected one.

While Mom and Dad happily listening to my sister’s hoax, I secretly wonder if she really signed that loan agreement? I heard this news from Marque that my sister submitted ά loan petition to the bank which soon become the newest problem she creates.

But then my thought moves to my coffee shop then wonder is the tables and desks accomplishing process going good? I haven’t check how far it already done but I know they are ok. Then moves again to another thinking and another and another. That’s all… And this is ά common thing. When they are busy listening and admiring and believing what ever stories my sister telling them, I am busy with my own thinking, and only me and the wind knows it.

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The woods material for tables and desks manufacture has arrived today. The estimation of finishing process is about a week before processing the kitchen.

Like I said before, I’m about designing my coffee shop which hopefully will be launched on April.

Writing soon..
See Ÿά..

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Since November 2012 (If I correct about the month), my sister and her two children officially moves to this city. And she starts her business in culinary just because she trust her ability in cooking is the most-best than others can do. So she choose an empty little shop my father own it to start her new fortune.

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Hi again…

Back again – sighing.

It’s wed-season for Sam (my pet) but thanks God he is ok, home without ά hole on his neck just like last season.

And it’s time for me to write things in my denied blog.

Many things happened. And I’ll continue it later.
I promise Many

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