100 Boxes

Things can be seriously happened from lying. Just like what I facing today.
Oh have I told you that I running a new store, it’s a stationery store? I’s been almost 3 month since it’s opened. The selling traffic is getting better day by day.

The best selling so far is “Gabus handicraft” or “stereoform” – “Styrofoam” or whatever it called in english, damn… Why it’s so hard to find the exact word of this thing? We name it Gabus. This Gabus designed detailly by my Dad and he commend it in my store. So far he has selling million of Gabus that he design himself in his gallery store.

The common thing between me and my Dad is : we love art.
But we have a difference sense of art: he loves and expert in painting and crafting while I’m totally blind in this field.
And contrary, my Dad knows nothing about music and instrument, he doesn’t even know how to sing while I mastered few intruments like piano, guitar, flute and saxophone. But daily I play guitar…

Since this stationery store opened, I focused to whatever the students needs, because this store place near by a leading university. So a week ago, while waiting for the customers, I play with box. I wrap it with gift paper that left over and designed it with colorfull ribbons. A customer came up and saw my creation. She asked me what that’s box for? I answered spontaneously “This is an order from one of my customer”.

This conversation led to a long conversation between us. And unexpectedly the lady come back today with a box picture design on his hand. “Can you make this box for me?”.

I swear I know nothing about making a box. The box I decorated yesterday was a phone charger box, it wasn’t my creation. I also didn’t tell the lady that it was my creation? But why she thought so? Or maybe I did that I told her that it was mine? I forgot !!!

Since she standing there handed me the picture of the box, my left brain spoke to me ” why not? ”
So I take that picture, pretending to check it’s detail and then “Sure ….”
But thing that has making me shock is, the lady isn’t talking about a (one) box, but 100 boxes. Said that she want to fill the box with a cute souveniers on his farewell party. Hufff…

For an expert, 100 isn’t a big number, but for me… ? Uhmm…

But I catch this as a challange, as a  chance… Why not?
I’ll try …

A lesson today : sometime it is good to be a liar, but mostly not.


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