Yesterday was a very tired day. I’ve got to drive for 8 hours back and forth just to run my intent:  to save my business.
I have no choice but doing this because there would be no one who really more cares of what you loss than what you have. Most are in throngs sorrounding you when you are on top and less are stay when you facing the opposite. So, after searching for help for a couple weeks, I just realise that I just wasting my time hoping for uncertain things.

It’s time to get up – to drive myself miles away – to start from beginning and learning from mistake I’ve done in the past. I don’t believe the words “It’s too late”, because there’s always a chance for those who are bravely willing to try. I love my business, I love my work and I would do anything and fight to keep it running good, I won’t let those breaking it for two and will show them that I’m not as vulnerable as they thought.

My work, my business, my world…
I’m back !!!!!!!!!!!
Really missed watching my customers racing in game, missed that noisy sounds of their voices and the music echoed throught the speakers, oh my… How I wasted it all, wasted all this fun.

I’m back,,
I’M BACK !!!

Can’t wait to see those evil faces amazed for my return, it must be funny to see their mouths opened wide, oh.. How naive I was thinking they were friend…

Now I’m back….


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