The handsome men on the right side of this photo is my Dad. I don’t know when exactly this was taken and where. Even I don’t remember where did I find this picture, but for sure I have keeping it with me for a long time perhaps 15 0r 20 years since I found it. Thanks to the internet, so I can documenting images I think important to remember one day.

I proud of my Dad, who doesn’t?
He’s a symbol of hardworker, skilled, he got a very good sense of art especially his paintings. Ohh, talking about art, if music and singing are part of an art, then these two field to be honest he never mastered until today. I watched the video of my brother’s wed and Dad was singing  infront all the guests and it was the funniest moment ever to see him singing like a kid. Also he has no idea how to use music instrument such are guitar or piano. He once said he wanted to learn piano and tried to before finally he fallen asleep while sitting and his head bowed towards the tuts I even thought he died. That’s my Dad….

He learned much from the affliction he had to become living like today. And for the achieves he has gain he keep rises us in simplicity. He teaches us how to be grateful for today and for everything we have, for the sadness and happiness. He always reminding us to never wasting our time and things around, the chances and the talents God gave us.

Although one of his three kids eventually has dissapointing him and can’t make his dream come true, he never stops loving her, and it’s me…
Sometimes I wonder, what is my Dad’s heart made for? How come he can be as patient as an angel in facing me? Why there’s no  anger, hatefulness whenever I made a mistake or did something that has hurted him? Why it seems he has millions of  “sorry” for me, for his children, for every people? One side I fully admire him and hate myself in the other side because I found myself  completely different from him. We are absolutely contradictive. I’m an impatient girl, full of anger and hard to forgive someone who has hurted me. He is calm and firm while I’m emotional yet weak.

He’s a success men and I’m …..
Even today in his 70’s  I still annoying him with all my gripes.
And for all his patience and love to me, he deserve this from me, a card I slipped in under his pillow, hope he will find it before he sleep.

Dad, I meant it when I wrote “Dad, I love you … Happy Father’s Day …. “


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