I usually heard 2 people involved in one argument caused of what they have wrote on their timeline in facebook or twitter  which (maybe) has offended one’s privacy. But when it suddenly happen to me, I don’t know what I suppose to do? Should I feel offended or opposite, try to forget and act as if nothing happens?

This matter based on what I have wrote on my previous article titled “I’M BROKE”.
One of my friend start to mock me by writing on his timeline “Not only in facebook or twitter, she never stops telling the world that she’s BROKE” then ended with “LOL”

I try to ignore and assure myself that his writing actually didn’t aim to me. It could be to someone else, who knows?
Anyway, I have never write anything about my real life situation on facebook or twitter. I more happy to write something funny or crazy to keep my friends laughing. Their responses of my status even funnier I cannot stop laughing while reading it. But  the more I ignore it the more I feel curious. So in another chance, when he write another new status, I leave him a comment. It was a quote he copied from Dalai Lama. I wrote “Nice quote” and ended with “smile” icon. He replied with words that I never expect before, “well, at least I’m not Broke” ended with “tongue out” icon.

That’s enough, I said to myself. So that’s aimed to me.

What’s wrong with writing what we’re having to the world? Is it me who too naive thinking that people would care or it’s just he who is too narrow in interpreting what he read? I don’t understand at all. But  one thing for sure, I won’t let myself involve in this silly argument. Better to leave him like that, leave him with his thoughts.

Only now I got a good lesson : for me to not let my stupid and narrow minded friend knows my blog address. Or I could be ended like an idiot !!!



    • Of course no one would care. It is good sometimes to write how we feel and share it so did I. Never expecting people will pity me it just about releasing out ά burden. But this guy seems to be “care” so that he can mocking me in his way, well… my bad. Lol…

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