I went around the city and stopped infront of a building where two boys sleeping soundly. They looked dirty and so skinny, even one of those boy who wearing the brown T-shirt has his lungs show up, it’s too sadden.
While staring at them, I talk to an old man who selling “Sate” (A food originally came from Padang-West Sumatra, it consists of two kind : spicy and sweet souce, but I prefer spicy than sweet as they puts nuts on it and it gives me acnes! Anyway who does ask me??? )

This old man saying that those boys are usually sleeping there. In a day they will wandering on the streets, asking money for the people. Some are giving money but most of them are not. People who knew about their existence do not put any sympathetic at all, in the contrary they hate them. It said the money they have got through mooching will be  spent to buy a glue instead of food.

Street children using glue is a common issue here. It is used to make them flying high. They put the glue liquid in to a plastic and suck it like a cocain.

I wonder who’s their mother? And why are they grounded here? How it feels sucking the glue ?
Sometimes, said this old man, their behaves are very embarrassing by dropping their trouser down infront of the girls and laughing in happiness. This could be the glue that has made their brain collapsed. Also, they don’t feel hesitant to steal goods displayed in a store or even stuff around your yard .

What a life.



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