Why is this my internet connection is super slow today? As slow as my business income and as slow as my financial movement. Maybe financial issue that I facing recently has made me crazy. A thousand silly thought dancing around my head.

My sister rang me to make sure if I’m okay, that’s what she said. I didn’† know why she has a thinking such like that. Does she got this feeling that soon I’m going insane?

We chit-chat for about 4hrs, I know that was more than super crazy. But honestly I enjoyed it because my body and soul needs it. I need to laugh just like it used to be, I need to cool down my brain. Because nobody knows what I just did yesterday. Today if I remember it, wow… I just can’ † believe that I did that! It’s pretty ashamed to remember. And now I believe that I’m going to be nut soon.

I wrote a letter to Donald Trump !!!

Tell me am I really going to be crazy or I already become one?



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