I need a help.

Few days ago I posted an article titled “I’m Not A Good Aunt”. It was about how nasty I am as an aunt for my nephew. Last night, because I didn’t have something to share or write. I check my previous post one by one and then stopped in “I’m Not A Good Aunt”. Below the posting field, I see another box like “Writing Helper, Excerpt, Send Trackbacks, Discussion, Comments, Author and also Revision”. So I stopped in “Writing Helper” box. I clicked it and it shown a picture of a hand holding a pencil and there’s a text “Copy A Post” on the left, I clicked it again.

Soon some of titles appearedĀ  and I really curious to see the “copy” button sticked on each title lists, so I click the “copy” button which was aligned with “I’m Not A Good Aunt” title, then “save” it. Then I refresh the page to see it difference.

It was shocked me when I found that I lose one of my post, the “I’m Not A Good Aunt” has dissapeard even I can’t find it in my “All Posts” list.

Does anyone know how to get my previous post back ?
Please I need your advice… ???


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