Today is my Brother Joseph’s Day.
This is the day when he – witnessed by our family members, and some guests applying for a marriage to Clara, my future sister in law. This is his second marriage, indeed.

I didn’t attend this ceremony, well… this is a common thing I guess. Anyway the party was carried out in Clara’s parent’s house somewhere in a village. So I choose to stay in town not because I don’t like a place called “village”, it’s merely ’cause I know I won’t be needed there.

this afternoon, Sofie rang me. She  informed a bad news about our tour-plan, Tour de Java is canceled !
Am I shocked ??
Not at all..
Contrary I feel grateful for every thing that has made it “canceled”. In the situation like this, how can you think about vacation, travelling or something similar with that? Whatever, above all the tour has been canceled, and that quite make me “pffiuuhhh…”


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