Yesterday was a very tired day. I’ve got to drive for 8 hours back and forth just to run my intent:  to save my business.
I have no choice but doing this because there would be no one who really more cares of what you loss than what you have. Most are in throngs sorrounding you when you are on top and less are stay when you facing the opposite. So, after searching for help for a couple weeks, I just realise that I just wasting my time hoping for uncertain things. Continue reading



The handsome men on the right side of this photo is my Dad. I don’t know when exactly this was taken and where. Even I don’t remember where did I find this picture, but for sure I have keeping it with me for a long time perhaps 15 0r 20 years since I found it. Thanks to the internet, so I can documenting images I think important to remember one day. Continue reading


I went around the city and stopped infront of a building where two boys sleeping soundly. They looked dirty and so skinny, even one of those boy who wearing the brown T-shirt has his lungs show up, it’s too sadden.
While staring at them, I talk to an old man who selling “Sate” (A food originally came from Padang-West Sumatra, it consists of two kind : spicy and sweet souce, but I prefer spicy than sweet as they puts nuts on it and it gives me acnes! Anyway who does ask me??? ) Continue reading


I need a help.

Few days ago I posted an article titled “I’m Not A Good Aunt”. It was about how nasty I am as an aunt for my nephew. Last night, because I didn’t have something to share or write. I check my previous post one by one and then stopped in “I’m Not A Good Aunt”. Below the posting field, I see another box like “Writing Helper, Excerpt, Send Trackbacks, Discussion, Comments, Author and also Revision”. So I stopped in “Writing Helper” box. I clicked it and it shown a picture of a hand holding a pencil and there’s a text “Copy A Post” on the left, I clicked it again.

Soon some of titles appeared  and I really curious to see the “copy” button sticked on each title lists, so I click the “copy” button which was aligned with “I’m Not A Good Aunt” title, then “save” it. Then I refresh the page to see it difference.

It was shocked me when I found that I lose one of my post, the “I’m Not A Good Aunt” has dissapeard even I can’t find it in my “All Posts” list.

Does anyone know how to get my previous post back ?
Please I need your advice… ???


Today is my Brother Joseph’s Day.
This is the day when he – witnessed by our family members, and some guests applying for a marriage to Clara, my future sister in law. This is his second marriage, indeed.

I didn’t attend this ceremony, well… this is a common thing I guess. Anyway the party was carried out in Clara’s parent’s house somewhere in a village. So I choose to stay in town not because I don’t like a place called “village”, it’s merely ’cause I know I won’t be needed there.

this afternoon, Sofie rang me. She  informed a bad news about our tour-plan, Tour de Java is canceled !
Am I shocked ??
Not at all..
Contrary I feel grateful for every thing that has made it “canceled”. In the situation like this, how can you think about vacation, travelling or something similar with that? Whatever, above all the tour has been canceled, and that quite make me “pffiuuhhh…”