I attended family meeting this evening. This gonna be a big family meeting because my future sister in law’s family are also attending this meeting in order to discuss the right time to perform my brother’s wedding, Joseph, my mother’s “the one and only son”.

And it’s true,
when I got there, the house already full of people and of course, like usual, I’m late and dinner time has already begun. Mom who firstly saw my presence instantly invited me to join in. Why not? The foods, fruits and beverages seen fantastic for my empty stomach.

But in this opportunity, I’m not intend to write about foods, fruits or the whole stuff connecting with the family meeting. I think there’s more important thing to share here, it is about my nephew and how the time changes his naturalness.

Joe, that’s his name.
Joe is my brother’s son from his first marriage with his former wife. So this is his second marriage indeed, which is mean my brother’s future wife soon will be a new mother for Joe or he usually called her as “A Bought Mother”

First, about how often he keep saying that words; “A Bought Mother”. We have never taught him to use the words, we were even surprise when he said that right infront Joseph’s future wife when they were introduced.

“Joe… Do you know who is she?” – asked Mom at the day Clara (my brother’s future wife’s name) brought to our house. Joe knew what to do, he extended his right hand and Clara joyfully shook his hand and then giving him a big hug. When she released her hugs, suddenly Joe asked her in his kiddo tone, “Are you gonna be my Mom?”
“Yes … “ Clara happily-spontaneously responsed him.
“Do they bought you to become my mom?”

Can you imagine how a kid able to use the words?
Well it was a month ago.

Then this evening when one of my niece reported a new behaviour of Joe when I was in the middle of enjoying my last watermelon, which her report was highly surprised me.
Joe is now interested in things connected with PORN and SEX.

To find out the truth behind this all, I approaching him and softly asking where and who has taught him this shit.
Innocently he reveals all of it and it’s like awakened me that sooner or later I will loosing him. I pretty aware that words won’t make him understand, all of advices about the badness of watching porn will be worthless.

I thought the idea of finding out who is the bitch that has teaching my nephew the sex and porn was a good one.
But then when Joe told me that he invited by a kid who lives not far from us to watch porn in a certain days, I realise that it is not only happening to my nephew but all of kids in this block. How sadden when finally I found myself stopped in this dot and don’t know what to do.

Joe and other kids are victim of technology. Internet access, TV Programmes which vulgarity exhibit violence acts, exotic dances, movies that cheered up with public figures who are seen as if they are having races to show up their beauty breasts and body and some other things which in fact not a proper programmes for kids. Then also internet which is now like a life needs where you can access and search everything, included porn videos and comics. It is fantastic that a kid like Joe and his same age friends can easily downloading and save those videos in their cell phones today.

I don’t know, I just feel like I’m being knocked down.
Joe doesn’t have a cell phone, he doesn’t allowed to have one, not yet. But the fact is, whether he has it or not, what’s the different? Each friend of his have one, so… Nothing will stop him/them.
It is sad to hear him telling me everything about what he has watched in his kiddo tone , it is pathetic to know that we are failed in monitoring his develop. It is sadden for me to imagine his innocent face will be soon fade and I will no longer see the Spiderman posters sticked on his walls or Spongebobs Squarepants ornaments in his room, all suddenly replaced with silly things like girls with bikini and their big boobs !!! And Spongebob  then replaced with condoms with different taste?! Arrgghh…

And to be honest,
this is the most awful thinking I ever had.
This is a dreadful thing to imagine, if one day when I face to face talking with him and I talking about his school and his activities in his 12 years old without knowing what is it dancing in his mind?
Will he measuring my size? Will he imagine how does it taste if he sleep with me?
Or is it me who getting nut now ????

Arrgghhh… !!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Gosh, this is pretty crazy. Like no offense, but some of the blame has to go to the parents. A 12 year old little dude shouldn’t be going around like that. It’s inevitable to block everything he sees, but that’s crazy kids that long talk like that!

    • Yes Vinni, it is crazy. The environtment has change everything. Even when we do limitation of what he sees and hear, but it doesn’t stop him and his friend of going out to the internet cafe and watching what matures are watching thru the internet. Mostly the matures opening porn sites and they don’t mind kids are watching behind them. And you’re right, this is form of parents failure. Now this is a big issue in my family, hope we can find a good solution of how to prevent Joe to not going any further. Thank’s for you concern … 🙂

      • You are welcome. I am going to come to his house and take away all of his toys lol It is true though, its hard to monitor everything especially when he is with his friends. Its just sad of what the media and radio can get away with saying and doing that is half the problem!

    • Lol.. I just did that, I take away his toys and bicycle. I also ordering my brother to stop giving him a tip everytime he finished his homework. I guess this tip must be one from another factor that makes Joe keep able to go to internet shop and spending time there. We’ll see….

  2. Hello …
    i hv read ur articles abt live concert or other live performances and surprised that u hv a nerve to write bout urself. Is this real?
    Uh-oh and about yr nephew, don’ † worry laa…. Waktu akan merubahnya, it’s just a process. Keep writing my friend!

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