My friends using Facebook. I using Facebook too.

It was cool in the beginning but quite dissapointing in the end.
Yesterday I gathered with some friends in Starbucks and there was a guy using laptop and he seemed enjoying chat with his friend(s) through this social network site. While my friends were talking, laughing and mocking one each other, I secretly observed this guy.

Soon when I got back home, inspired of that guy spirit, I turned on the computer and log in to my account in FB. But it’s just the same boredom. I have only 23 names in my friend list but only few who keep interacting with me. Uhm, not everyday, perhaps once a week if they still remember me.

The sadness thing I find everytime I log in, is that there’s no one say (even just)  “HI” to me. And the more-more sad is: when I found out that my messages sent to them finally rolled up without reply at all. I remember when I sent a birthday card to one ofmy friend in FB  a day before, hoped she will be happy and know that I remember her birthday. Right on her birthday, I logged in and still.. I found out my birthday wishes has been rolled up and the left was just “show 25 more comments” and mine was stucked between those 25. She replied one by one, typed each names who wished her birthday, but she forgot to put my name on there… 😦
I know, maybe I sounded like a big baby. But I think I deserve to read at least “Thank’s” from her to me…

Another thing that annoyed me so much is that nobody will say “HI” eventhough they appears online. It must be me who start the chat and write “Hey”… If I didn’t, so there will be no conversation. So I said it’s enough…

I’m pathetic, am I?
Maybe I’m too follow the rule. What I know about Facebook is a place for sharing and doing interation from a distance. But not in My Facebook. Here, I’m just a good reader, watcher and feels like an idiot.



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