Regret Vs Sorry

Tired to listen for  my friend’s story  yesterday. Something about “regretting”.
Guilty  feeling  has been making her cannot sleep day and night for what she did in the past. She throwed a best friend of hers in to the hell to get what it’s called “MONEY”.  Then she came to me, trying  to discuss about this and to find a good solution. But we didn’t find any good solution but a new conflict. She hate me since then.

Like I said, she feels guilty and regret. She wanted to say “sorry” but didn’t know how. So she trying to find a way. But when she found one, her head spinning like a wheel, “what if like this …?” – “what if like that..?” -“what if she spit on me?” etc.   A hundred questions fulfill her brain and she keep trying to find the best way for apologize without need to  bow her head.

After spinning around infront of me (and gave me headache) I decided to say what’s in my mind (and this is the reason why she hate me):
I said “If you didn’t think twice before you hurt her, then what made you think a hundred times to say sorry?”

For : Abel.


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