Animal Instinct

What is the different between human and animal?
This question acrosed my mind when I was watching a lion hunting a deeron TV. I hate this scene to be honest. I feel something like compassion to see the deer flounder under the lion’s bite with no mercy at all. I imaging if I was there, what would I do? Shoot that lion to rescue the deer out of death? And then I think on the contrary : If I was there, maybe the lion wouldn’t decide to hunt the deer but me?! So I change my imagination from an animal saviour to be a lion’s hater. I said to myself  “I hate lion. Why it created to be a King of Lion?! It’s not a King, it’s a Killer!!”

When I was a kid and watched the same type of program, I didn’t realize that I was watching TV. So when I saw a tiger chasing another poor deer, I immediately ran towards the TV and trying to dispel the tiger with my hands while screaming “Wooozzz! Wooozzzz! Go away!! Run deer…. Run!!!”
The rest was a sadden scene, the deer fell down, the tiger won. The tiger felt full and my heart hurted.
All night long when I was on bed, that murderous action as if dancing sorrounding my eyes eventhough I closed my eyes that sadden scene remained.

Today I try to recall what I seen, what I thought and what I HEARD.
At the end of the program, a narrator said something which touched my heart.

“A lion kills to stay alive. It desire to kill the deer doesn’t because forced by hateful or grudge, but this is simply it’s life cycle. And the deer never put a grudge or hate on that lion even if one of it’s baby killed and made as a lunch chow by those starved lion. They are there to fulfill one each other’s needs. And so the grass, the water, the rain, the wind.

Do we know why we are here?
Do we know what we are created for?

And now I think, “Am I still hating the lion?”

I do know now the reason  why a lion called a KING and have learned about animal instict.
And also found out that I have no reason to hate the lion, the tiger or another carnivore.

There’s no grudge.
No Hate.
Nothing but stay alive.


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