Dan : 2 in 1

I don’t understand why Dan was so annoyed and also I don’t understand why I was so angry?

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Regret Vs Sorry

Tired to listen for  my friend’s story  yesterday. Something about “regretting”.
Guilty  feeling  has been making her cannot sleep day and night for what she did in the past. She throwed a best friend of hers in to the hell to get what it’s called “MONEY”.  Then she came to me, trying  to discuss about this and to find a good solution. But we didn’t find any good solution but a new conflict. She hate me since then.

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Animal Instinct

What is the different between human and animal?
This question acrosed my mind when I was watching a lion hunting a deeron TV. I hate this scene to be honest. I feel something like compassion to see the deer flounder under the lion’s bite with no mercy at all. I imaging if I was there, what would I do? Shoot that lion to rescue the deer out of death? And then I think on the contrary : If I was there, maybe the lion wouldn’t decide to hunt the deer but me?! So I change my imagination from an animal saviour to be a lion’s hater. I said to myself  “I hate lion. Why it created to be a King of Lion?! It’s not a King, it’s a Killer!!”

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