If one of you remember the old banner putted on my site header (written “Fucktard”), I’m sure you will saying, “It was very rude banner”
And maybe that’s why I always facing a bad luck!

Now I want to try something different.

3 weeks journey accros over Sumatra island and visited some places while I was there, didn’t give me cheerfulness at all. Contrary, I was upset, dissapointed and sad. I know for sure that I knew someone there called “friend” and thought if I come to see her it would be a big surprise for her. No… I was totally wrong.

She isn’t like what I imagined.
I was really sad when she couldn’t even meet me once, only talk over the phone and sounded like she’s busy all the time. What a life ….

Back again, to my messy room, dust all around.
And the sadness remains.

Then I think, maybe this is the time for me to change. I want to be someone different. Very different ’till I never let those to hurt me – no more.

~ This is the worst Christmas that I ever had before ~


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