The Number One Racer

What a disgrace. Said that Ananda Mikola, Indonesian number one racer invloved in violence action.
Oh, it’s not only violence, but also abusing sex he did to the victim named Agung Setiawan.

Here is the bogus racer :


Indonesian Ananda Mikola of Fastron Racing with Threebond topped theOver-all class of the 2nd race last Sunday. Australian Christian Jones of Christian Jones Motorsport (2nd) and Briton James Winslow of Shell Kinetic PCSO gave the winner a champagne shower.

gadungan2Ananda Mikola (left) and his brother Moreno Soeprapto


Now he (Ananda) threatened 12 years in prison.
We’ll see ; is there still a LAW in this country?

Ananda involved in criminal action not once, he also ever involved in fight at a night club but not more than 24 hours, he immediately released because “The Tic Toc Tic Toc” politic.  Money talks, baby … !

So far, there’s nothing he can give to this country. His reputation is not as that bright but his skill in conquer all beautiful actress to be his seasonal girl friend. It seems like he want to do something new : not only conquering the girls but also wants to show off that Law is under his feet, try to tell the world that he is Law immune.

Ananda Mikola and Moreno Soepraprto, both racer brother’s are not more than a bar-bar !
I want to know what the end : still 12 years in prison? or ….. Tic Toc Politic is still valid ?

Since I’m not his fans (even I want to throw up anytime I see his lips,oh my God, It’s starting…!) then I hope that there’s a justice in this country ; no matter rich or poor. I HOPE.

Ananda, You’re disgarced !

Bikin malu !!!


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