Run…Run my old sheep

Before I cut your throat

There’s no reason for you to stay alive

There’s no place for you to stay

pisauHere I am – holding a knife

Wherever you go I’ll find you

There’s no place to hide

Run… Run my old sheep,

Before I chop up your foul meat

Run… Just like you did before,

Right when I wanted you to stay

But now I want you to run

Run… Just run as far as you can

Now you’re running..


And you thought you’re safe

Can’t you see I’m standing behind you?

kampakWith an axe on my right hand?

Say something for the last

Before your head apart from your body

Then it’s the greatest time for me

Time to laugh

Time to celebrate.

You’re still running


And you thought (again) you’re safe

Now let me tell you something

“I let you go”

“But remember, beyond the dark, beyond the sky, beyond the universe,

There I’m waiting for you”

To chop your head off

To cut your throat

To enjoy the last minutes before you say goodbye

To your soul.

There’s no place for a coward

There’s no shelter for one who has no soul

There’s no love for a loser

And there’s no crown for you

I tell you now – my old sheep

Your life is alike with one who tries to dry the water out of the sea

Your life is useless

Like a sheep

No matter how thick, white and beautifull your hair,

They are finally ended up on the tip of scissor.

Run … Run my old sheep

Don’t stop, keep running

There’s no reason to turn around, and don’t ..!

Others are feel better without you around

Either me….

So run… Run my old sheep

Run as far as you can

Run from my shadow

Run from my glare

Run from my anger

Run from my abhorrence

Other feels much better without you

Either me…

It takes only two steps for me to catch you

So Run… Run my old sheep

Run as far as you can

And I’m laughing here

To see you running

Small and smaller

Far and more far

So tragic

Just like your fate



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