Igram called me at noon yesterday, “Were you intentionally sending that message to Atna? She almost killed me, do you know that?!”

Whereas it was a night before when I’m thinking about this, thinking about what I did to her. I thought I would be regret for all things I have done, but obviously ; I’m not regret. Precisely this anger grows more fertile and more angry since she I spoke to her. Shield, why did you contact her? Or … Is everything in my mind will directly sent out like a signal to the object I’m thinking about?

Igram didn’t angry to me even if her sentence sounded like that. I wonder, what the real is going on? I humiliated her sweety just because I feel the same when Igram told me that Atna would doing inspection to the telecomunation tools in my room. I didn’t even try to find out wether it’s true or not, it could be Igram; she’s trying to influenced my mind in order to frighten me so that finally I put a respect on Atna. But she’s totally wrong. She didn’t frighten me at all, on the contrary this thing has made me furious. Until now, everytime I recall it, my heart races very fast, I want to hit and tear up his face.

Shield, how come I change become an angry person? I easily get offended and very sensitive. Since those two friends appeared (although I killed them eventually) I see many transformation in many things. My instinct turns to be sharp, I don’t afraid of anything and I can see all very clear. You know Shield, this afternoon when I entered your world, I nearly succed to see myself. But why it took so much energy?


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