One Night Sex Seeker

I remember yesterday in the evening, when I was gathering with friends and immediately I saw an old friend (who was one class with me in High School) and he soon sat next to me, brightly addressed me with “Hi… Still remember me?”

Of course I remember him. Then the conversation began. He told me that he’s working in Insurance Company as a Supervisor, I get paid very well” he showed off, I nodded. In order to make me appear as a good old friend, so I asked him a little about Insurance. He handed me some brocures and I started to pay attention on it. Maybe he thought I was interested so he started to explain all the points written on the brocures more detail and I listened between bored and pretending.

“Do you remember my wife?” he asked me, I alarmed. He got married? When? And why did he think I knew his wife? Or maybe I knew her? Who? Who?
So I started spinning my brain try to remember her wife’s face. I gave up! But I just silent. “My son is 11 years old now…”. He continued. I rolled up the brocures and paying attention for the new explanation ; his wife and his son. Both were same as bored as insurance.

By the way, you know my girl friend ?”
This time my face looked like someone who is having shit. Wrinkled!
I dont understand. Your wife and your girl friend?”

He laughed, You don’t remember what had happened to me and my marriage?” this time I thought he tried to play a puzzle to me.
Who the hell he thinks I am? Someone who is only spending the time to think about people marriage stories and finding out how it’s ended? Anyway, I tell you now, I don’t remember his wife!

“I divorced. My wife ran off with another guy. Now I going out with a girl and I love her so much.”

Now I think it’s clear. No more puzzle.
I’m sorry” I putted the brocures on the table.
“My girl friend now is a very nice women, she understands about my past and also accepted my boy as her’s too.”

Oh, what good women…” I answered starting bored.
Don’t you curious about the past I mentioned before?” He forced me again.
and I yawned.
I was a very bad guy, right since I divorced with my ex wife, I ran from one girl to another. Not had a serious relationship, only for fun, for one night sex”

I stared at the sky and pray, “God, save me out of this guy!”

“Look at my face…”
And I obeyed him, I looked at his face, then he continued This face had conquered many girls, young girls, pretty teenagers!”I laughed with falsehood, “Ah, you crazy” and I started ashamed at the same time.
No, I’m serious. They liked my face, they thought I’m Latin!”

I looked at his face once again, no… He doesn’t look like Latin. It must be a stupid girl with a blind eyes who said he looks like a Latin.
Untill now, behind my girl friend’s back, I still being an Idol for all the women and still serving them”. He looked proud of himself.
Ow, really?” I’m about preparing myself to leave him soon.

Check this out” and he took some papers out of his black big bag and showed them to me.
I saw name lists on it. Then with a pen he pointed and checked list some names, You know, they are all lonely women, married but unhappy. You know, all of them joined in Insurance I offered but with one condition” and then he stopped.

“What?” I curious.
I’ve got to sleep with them. That’the condition was”
My mouth opened widely, couldn’t believe.
What? He trying to tell me that all those women would happily join in the Insurance if he f**k them? Non sense!

“Ow, really…” this time I really wanted to vomit.
“Yes… So, what do you think, are you interest to join in too?”

Then I remembered the brocures which rolled up and being ignored just like that on the table.
Oh, I’ve got to think about it” I made an excuse.
He smiled and staring toward the sky, my other friends were screaming alot over there, trying to give a support to both other friends who’re playing Panco. How lucky they are, I sighed inside.

“Yes, I know. Maybe I need an Insurance to cover me. But I cannot give the answer right now, you know what I meant” I continued.
It doesn’t matter. You know, not only those lonely women. Here, look at this name. She’s a girl, 29 years old, not married, already joined in insurance, and… you know, she’s also wanted me to sleep with her before she join in.

My heart tick-tock-tick-tock very fast, I felt my face got warmed.
I stared at him and my right brain started talking to the left brain.
“I think this is enough! What? Did he think I will asking him to sleep with me too ? Did he think by saying that “Yes, I think I need an Insurance to cover me” means along with “one-fucking-condition” ?

This guy, an old High School friend of mine, is a sick person I thought.
I didn’t know where’s the conversation leaded to. First he talked about his wife, then his son, then his girl friend, and back again about his wife who became an “Ex”, that he is a widow and enjoyed the time F***king all teens, that lonely married womens hungered for his action on the bed, showed off un-directly to me that he is a HOT guy, and now about a 29 years old girl who he claimed right after I said “Yes, I think I need an Insurance to cover me” crazy for him too.

Anyway, even if I’m a One Night Sex Seeker” I wouldn’t come to him to F**k me. Look, he can’t even keep a secret of his Lonely Madams Sex Secret lover to me. Maybe he did telling others too. He also doesn’t know how to put himself between an Insurance Sales to his customers, why did he revealed all these cheap stories to me? Did he think I need to know about it? Or maybe he’s horny and un-directly wanted me the same ; sleep with him? God dammit!

I don’t believe all the stories he told me, for me he was just making them up to show what I mentioned before : That he is a HOTTY guy.
But I don’t know why did he do that? Why did he think that I would consider him as not a HOT guy at the first sight instead of thinking how long we have been not seen each other since graduated from High School?

Really, I don’t know why it was happened. Why did I reunited with a horny poor sick old friend? Why couldn’t we have a propper conversation and recall all the High School memories when we’re met?
What’s in his brain indeed ? Did he think I was lonely and horny too ?
Oh !!!


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