I just watched the semi final Thomas and Uber Cup competition. This evening is a competition between Indonesian Team against the team from Germany, along as a determinant who deserves going to Final facing the team from China.

Briefly I tell, Uber team from Indonesia won defeated team from German 4-1 and it means Indonesia deserves go forward to the Final set, struggle for Uber Cup which has been freed since 14 years ago. (???) :-0

In here I’m not discussing about Indonesian victory or the contrary to criticize German’s reverse. There’s some points I want to reveal as what I seen by exact.

First is about the shock I had as I read the profile of Xu Huaiwen (Germany) who obviously 33 years old. Oh my God, amazing to know her condition is damn fit, she able to defeat Maria Christina (and this is really sad indeed) who are much younger than her, and also she doesn’t look as her age! :-0

The second is during the competition when team from Germany is in critical zone, but all players, supporters and the coach looked relaxed. Even when Pia Zebaidah (Ind) – Schnaase still On Air , fighting imprints the scores, I saw Birgit Overzier/Kathrin Piotrowski (Germany) are kid arounds and laughing with the peers while occasionally recording the moments both are through cam corder or camera, they don’t looked stress at all, in fact they have been defeated by Greysia Polli/Jo Novita. I went laugh in my room when I heard one of comentator saying about German Team, said that they aren’t influenced with booming voices from Indonesian supporters in stadium at all, they don’t suddenly feel down or even sad. Soon as I seen this, yes – I immediately believe that it’s true.

The third is about final session and Indonesia finally obtained the victory. All reporters and camera man were hurried pointing their cameras to the German Team (not the contrary), taking pictures and all the girls in German team who were played posing in brightly, there’s no sadness shows or even dissapointment in their eyes at all. I really found it as a great one.

Forth is about my awareness of something which finally has made me questioning this thing : is it such as that flare so that Indonesian Team looks tense in order to get the Uber Cup which being craved to be back on to the lap? Or is it un-necessary thing for German team whether they win or lose?

Nevertheless, as a good citizen, I’m still giving support for Indonesian Team facing team from China (Sat, 17th).

Keep fighting guys…!

Pia Zebaidiah, hey smile girl…! 😦

Greysia Pollui/Jo Novita – Well done girls!! =D>

Maria Christina. To be honest, you’re my favourite player.. Cheers !!! 🙂

(Pictures are taken from


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