Dear Mother

Dear Mom,

I know how it had making you pissed off since I left home for ages.
It’s not your fault, wasn’t mine too. We both were only out of control and I fully understand why you eventually hate me that crazy.
I only want to let you know that I MISSING YOU.

I’ve been working so hard just to make you see that I’m not a kinda girl like they said.
Our live is getting hard and harder since that catastrophe, but I’m proud of you being my Mother.
I know that you wanted me to be the one like them whose position are more than average. Who doesn’t ?
But Mom, the skill average each person is different one each others. Can’t you see there’s another treasure hiding in my soul ? Why you wanted to form me to be ‘something’ which is opposed with what I wanted ?

Don’t worry Mom, I’ll be fine, I’ll be good.
I’m not sure how long it would be taken untill we meet again.
For a moment, please… Let me find what I’m searching for.
Above all, I will always fighting for your dignity…
And I will prove it one day… 🙂

Your ‘still’ Gwenn


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