Tarot Master

On X’mas Eve last year  I bought a pack of Tarot Card which lastly I exhibit to friends at work. When one of them asking if I know how to use or reading those cards, I didn’t think twice to say “YES, I DO”

Two months after, one of my friend whose her boyfriend has done something that hurted her feeling came over me and asking about her future. I wanted to say that I know nothing about her future with her boyfriend but soon after I saw a hope on her face, I become aware that she leaned on me to tell her about something….

I start spreading those cards merely to releive her feelings.
Oh My God, I swear …. Since I bought it, I never use it, even my intent to visit the sites which explaining about how to use tarot cards,it never been accomplished.
So you can imagine how I looked like when I behave as if  I am  a good Tarot Reader.

One by one, through the wrong spreading cards, I start to read about her future. Started about her job and ended up about her boyfriend as a main problem. I remembered how I was so panic everytime she ask me the new question, such as : “does he fits me?” or “do you think he loves me ?” or maybe “and then what the next? Shall I forget him?” etc…

I tried so hard to focus my mind to the things asked to me and  accordingly dial up my brain for the answers which were  guessing only. She looked satisfied and said “Thank’s” for me. While I was just sat and start thinking “How bad I am”
The guilt slowly crawling inside and those questions rised up : “How if she find out that I lied to her ? How if she knew that I know nothing about Tarot? What it would be if she found out that her boyfriend is not alike with what I said ?”

Two months later after that tarot fake reading, she came again.
I couldn’t take a breath when I saw her standing at the door. What in my mind was that she would slapping me!
As she walked towards me, I feel more restless.
She stood there accross my table, making a lines on the table with her finger while her face looked scattered.
“He left me …” her voice sounded suffering, “I should listen to you…” and the tears fell down.
I stand up – feel a bit relieve (at least she won’t slap me!) and walking towards her.
“Are you ok ?”
She didn’t answer but crying aloud.

I couldn’t believe after what I heard from her story. All the predicts I explained were totally true!
I said to her that her boyfriend isn’t a faithfull one and about having a relationship with another girl – that’s true!!
Also I said that she probably being used and there’s no love at all in his heart for her. And so on .. and so on….

All have been proved and then what ?
It takes about one hour to calm her down and also it makes me becoming popular as a tarot reader since then!
One-by-one friends come to me, asking about this .. about that…
Even if I doing prediction without cards, they still believe…!
On the contrary, I don’t need to find the answer, don’t need to wait for the question from them. As they arrived infront of me, I deliberately saying “Ah, I know you’re in trouble now… ” or “Aha! something about your family?”
And the respons I got “Yea! How did you know…”

When I’m on my own, I ask my self : Do I really know how to predict the fortune or at least to read someone’s character ?
Then I look at the tarot cards I never been using properly.
I thought that I lied to my friends, but they thought contrary.
They believe me as a good mind reader, the one who know how to predict the fortune, the one who can lead them out of the problem they’re having. They lean on me….

One side I feel proud of my strange abillity, but in the other side there’s a guilty feeling inside. Sometimes I feel like I’m playing around their problems.

This is all about coincidence I thought.
Perhaps I have an abillity – but I’m not sure about it.


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