Yesterday I’ve got a duty given by my boss : re-type a draft.
This draft soon will be placed to adorn the first page of  our agency’s travel brochure.
When I typing the draft, one of my friend came up and sat next to me, talk a little bit then silent while watching me over.

All at once, she pointed to the screen, “What is this ?”
I gave a notice for what she pointing at. And then, “What? What do you meant ?”
Still don’t get what the point is. She re-pointing to the screen, “This …! Why did you type it like this?”

I was amazed. How come she  brings up the letters (“j” and “l”) I’m typing ?
“What ? What’s the matter ?”

“You shouldn’t to type it with “j” and “L”. Ought to start it with “J”  (capital) and then “l”. This isn’t correct” .
I went silent for a moment, then checking the original draft, and then, “But here – Look ! It’s written like that! “j” and “L”. ” I get bored, thought she was just interferring my work. I aim the draft at her, right on her face.

“Yeah, it’s written like that. But you know that it isn’t correct, do you?” She stared at me.
“Yeah… ”
“So, why ? Why did you keep typing it in wrong way ?”
“I just following the original draft!” I grumbled then back to my work.

She went laugh while i get pissed off.
“Why do you following the wrong way? If you know it’s wrong, then why don’t you try to fix it ?””
“Shut Up!”

As I said that, yes.. she suddenly stopped disrupting my work.


This debate I had yesterday finally becoming a reflection for me.
She was right indeed, why should I following the wrong way ?
It wasn’t necessary what’s written in the draft, the important thing is I know which one is right and which one is wrong. Also the most important is : I ought to have a boldness to say “This is wrong” or “That is correct”.

But I didn’t do that, i just following what was written in the draft.
Does it mean I have no ability to see-to analyze and to find the mistakes ?
Or maybe it does mean that Im too scared to show the world what I knew? Too scared to re-fixing the letters into the better way?

In Indo, the way you write the “Street” is “Jalan” (Jalan means Street). Or we usually short it out with “Jl” or “Jln” such as “St” for “Street”.
I knew the draft putted on the wrong spell for “Jalan. It suppose to be “Jl” but it’s written “jL” and I didn’t even have an intent to type it in proper spell but typed it as what it’s written in.

Through this I got a lesson to not following the wrong way.
There are many things that scares us for speak out, for many reasons we prefer to be silent, don’t want to get involve and thought it would make us and things around going better.
Infact, the more we silent – the more the mistakes are remain.
Just like me, I didn’t do anything to make the draft looks better and to be prefer to follow the wrong spell in it. Why did I do that ?
Did I scared will get fried soon ?
What a silly !!!

It’s true that when we try to fix out the mistake, some are can’t take it. Especially when we are speaking about the truth, we would facing people both are supporting us or whose are mostly contrary.
Whatever it takes, why do we scared to make the thing arounds get better and better ?
Why do we scared to lose what we have in telling the truth or rectify the mistakes written ?

WHY ???


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