Love Me As I Am

No need to assume bad about me.
You’ve got to believe that there’s only you in my heart : No one else.
Eventhought I’m not as hard as you in defending the truth, it doesn’t meant all things in me are lies.
You can’t expecting someone to be like yours or wanted the same as you.
We are different in many things. But isn’t it beautifull to realize that the  difference make us together?
In this matter we should to combine them into one instead of comparing one each other.

Just take me as I am, because the more you do it – the more you feel relieve.
I won’t shout out and saying “Oh, no! It’s not true!”
I prefer to keep silent because I believe the time would show you the truth.
But sometimes I pessimist, if it’s always about the time, how  it would be, when you finally found out the truth about me and  I already gone … ? Isn’t it sad ?

I will be calm and will always be. Don’t ask untill when.
What I want is Just Take Me As I Am.

The anger doesn’t solve anything but leave a heartache.
What I need is your understanding.
Just love me – show to the world that I’m the one you love.
The more you hiding this feeling and thought you still have a chance to get another, the more you will be left behind.
The more you show no respect to someone you love – the more people would laughing at you.
And here we are now…
You thought you won …. Infact you’re not.

But look at me, I still love you… I take you as you are.
I fully understand your anger – it makes me grow more wise in facing you.
Honestly, I’d like thank’s for you for all the bad times and the good times we had or you gave to me.

Now you come back along with the  “Sorry” comes out through your mouth.
I still love you – but wonder if we can go through this all.
Too much doubt inside you – has influenced me too.
Now I doubt you : I doubt if you can take me as I am.
I fully understand ; in and out of you.


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