What else do we need ?
Life is like this. Yes – We do know that it’s hard sometimes to face all things, when there’s no one arounds it seemingly leads you to the unknown place. But what else can we do ? This is life.

We couldn’t say anything even on the last seconds before we been borned, we had nothing but tears – so why did we complaining about “this” and “that”?

The pain, tears, sadness, nightmare ; they’re part of life.
Life is such like that. We must facing all both sadness or happiness.
Because they leads us in to a completeness – it’s perfect!

We aren’t worth to be called ‘perfect’ without going through both.
Through the pain – the misery – we can learn so much things, we can learn to not fall down for twice and so on.

So what are we waiting for ?
Keep fighting – stop sighing.


3 thoughts on “LIFE

  1. Yes, sometimes all we can do is keep fighting isn’t it, even knowing we can’t win the fight or make any real difference in things. Maybe we can make a little. Keep smiling.

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