“Messenger” Friend

I introduced with a girl who is living near Indonesia. I know where she lives but she doesn’t know where do I reside at. It’s quite far indeed.
Then why don’t I just telling her ?

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Indonesian Women’s Team : FAILED!

Indonesian Uber Team failed to take The Uber CUP back in to the shelf.
Eventhough it’s sad, but I think they have fighted as strong as they could.
China is much superior and it was like a dilema for me.
I like China and Korea but I love my country too….

Any way, well done girls….

Good Bye Sophan

I was having lunch when I heard this news. Sophan Sohian, the senior actor and ex-activist of one political party died (this morning, 9am) when he’s doing “Harley Davidson’s convoy” in commemorate the 100th National Awakening. It reminds me of the last interview he did yesterday related with blockage of petrol station where they’re stopped to load the petrol for more than 70 Harleys’. Many people sent complaints because they couldn’t fill up the engine for their motorbikes. One person who interviewed said it’s really dissapointing because people from Petrol Station more emphasized those big bikes than people needs. While Sophan told that this shouldn’t be a big matter, “What we’re doing now is to awaken people’s spirit. Please don’t make it as a big issue, anyway I DON’T CARE!”

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“ML”: Porn or Sex Education Movie ???

“ML” (Want More) one controversial movie recently in Indonesia, being refused by LSF (an institution/reviewer of published to determine suitable for public consumption) because this movie considered displays hot scenes/porn. Like it or not, the first launch of this movie at cinemas all at once in Indonesia is canceled.
The parties who are involved in process of making this movie finally dissapointed.

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Yesterday I’ve got a duty given by my boss : re-type a draft.
This draft soon will be placed to adorn the first page of  our agency’s travel brochure.
When I typing the draft, one of my friend came up and sat next to me, talk a little bit then silent while watching me over.

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Love Me As I Am

No need to assume bad about me.
You’ve got to believe that there’s only you in my heart : No one else.
Eventhought I’m not as hard as you in defending the truth, it doesn’t meant all things in me are lies.
You can’t expecting someone to be like yours or wanted the same as you.
We are different in many things. But isn’t it beautifull to realize that the  difference make us together?
In this matter we should to combine them into one instead of comparing one each other.

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