–Amy Tan–


I hope it’s not too late to wish you a Happy New Year all….

And with the deep happiness, I’d like to announce that I have moved from old house to the new house. My $1 Campaign didn’t really success and to be honest I had a trouble with that, alot! Say that my Campaign was being report or A South African singer did it. Well, don’t you think my Campaign was actually popular? Lol….

No, not that popular. Because the singer is also not popular! The person is trying to, well… That’s his right to be known by the whole world. Sometimes I regret. If only I knew my Campaign will having trouble in the future, why I didn’t contact Madonna, or Oprah, or Lady Gaga? They are well known people. So they will report me, report my Campaign, calling me cheater and then I become infected by their popularity? Hahaha….. Anyway, how come you call someone a cheater if she/he doing is asking you if you could help him/her? But that’s the South African singer thought!

It doesn’t matter, I didn’t go to jail anyway. Instead I got a house now and been here since December,22,2014. This is the biggest Christmas gift I ever received in my life. Thank’s for Mr and Mrs “XX”, if I could mention your name in this blog? (No! You don’t allow me, and I fully understand the reason).


To be honest, this is not my dreaming house. I was dreaming about a small house with the wide yard, so I can raise my dogs and they have a playground. I don’t care how the house look like, as long as my dogs have their space and they got enough sun shine.

But what else could you say but speechless and amazed when a generous couple came to you and said “I hope you like this house?”. I thought I was dreaming, thought it wasn’t real. But here I am now?

I love this house very much. Forget abouy dreaming house. Like my Dad said to me as I told him about this news,  “Your dreaming isn’t coming yet. Be thankful for what you have gain today, enjoy it while keep fighting for your dreaming house”

I don’t say that I’m not grateful, I said I love this house eventhough this isn’t like a house I dreamed of. This is too much for me, really… And I will never forget this moment, never!

I love my room. A king size bed,  a big wardrobe so I can store dozens of clothes in it while I only have less. Uhmm.. I love the floor made from parakeet, the bathroom inside so I can directly go for shower as I awake.  As if this couple knew that I pretty lazy for shower! Lol..




I can brush my teeth while seeing my ugly morning face with toothpaste bubbles in my mouth.

I can brush my teeth while seeing my ugly morning face with toothpaste bubbles in my mouth.


I can sit there while playing game! Lol..

I can sit there while playing game! Lol..


And of course I love the TV Channel.

And of course I love the TV Channel.


I love the room for guess who come to visit, I love the bathroom for the guess too! The kitchen, oh… This is my favorite room. I can cook or baking, trying the new recipe or just sitting there browsing or blogging.

The day when I unpack my cooking utensils out of the box.

The day when I unpack my cooking utensils out of the box.

I know my dogs love this house either. They looked happy, running in and out, digging and devastated my garden, searching for a treasure burried in the soil and so far they found gravels. My house will stay clean only for 2 hours. My dogs will ruin it with their excavation. The soil, gravels will spreading in the terrace, there’s a hole in the ground. No matter how many time I scolded them, or how many time they see me returning the soil back to cover the hole they have created, they will dig it back. So I give up!!! Oh, I forgot to take the picture of the hole they have dug.


My little garden. I know, I have to do something to make my garden looked fresh!

My little garden. I know, I have to do something to make my garden looked fresh!


My garden at night. It was raining.

My garden at night. It was raining.


One of my dog was ascertain whether their dug was fine under the rain.

One of my dog was ascertain whether their dug was fine under the rain.


Above all, I love this house with all things inside. The water heather, the sofa, the floors, the window, air freshener and everything. This is so much for me, because everything inside this house are things I have never had in my old house.

Thank you so much Mr and Mrs “XX”. Like I promised you, I will never let you down. I write this to remind me how generous and caring you’re.



Hello guys, it’s been a while.

I now rolling out a Campaign for my 3 dogs medication.  By joining http://gogetfunding.com I hope someone would care. I also expecting anyone who cares and is willing to set aside a little help for my dogs medication.

I didn’t expecting much, just a dollar and I’d be grateful. Because Gogetfunding.com will only display cases that has been in support in to their public page list. That is why $1.00 (One Dollar) will be very helpful to my page to be able displayed on their fundraiser list.

So far, I just sharing and distribute my page link to forums I join in and blogs, but it seems it hasn’t shown the result and my page hasn’t gain  donation.

Whoever you are willing to help, please… With only $1.00 you will make a change. Please visit my Campaign page to make donation by clicking my Campaign PageI also have created a blog contains all about the recent situation of my dogs. You can click My Blog and also  you can donating through it by clicking the “Support My Project” widget located on the right panel.


Please share this article and thanks for your caring.



A bit nervous in welcoming the next Monday where my Coffee Shop who had been neglected for almost 3 months will reopen. I’m nervous because I don’t know where to restart. I’ve lost my customers and must to start from beginning. Don’t know how long it takes to restore the condition like it used to be. It’s not easy to get customer moreover there alot competitors around me. I don’t hate Monday, I’m just nervous…


It’s new year. We left 2013 behind to welcome the new year 2014. I wish you a (belated) HAPPY NEW YEAR. May this year bring us joy, prosperity, good health and happy life. May this new year will be much better than previous years. Amien…..


Marked on December the 5th, the keys have been handed to me. My husband and I now have our own separate living house from my big family. No Mother, no Brother and no interrupter. But we planning to officially off this house next Tuesday, December, 17th, it is because one from another reason that we can’t move as that fast. This house worth $700/year is quite big for two of us. Two bedrooms (main bedroom and guest bedroom), a spacious kitchen, a wide living room with two side (one for main living room and another one is a room, fit for watching/family room. Fresh air, you can hear the birds singing in the morning, peaceful and quite different with noisy atmosphere in our old place. Continue reading


November, day 26th, 2013
Since our awful dispute and since my brother punched my husband, I knew that I no longer needed, that my husband has never been expected in this family clan, that we’re hated. Sharp words my Brother threw over my husband and I  added with Mom nodded her head agreed with my Brother’s words, has made all clear – that we’re unwanted, has made me understand that I no longer have family – friend – or even someone to rely on. I no longer have anything, it seem Mom as if has just died in front of me and I now become an Orphan. In the end I realize, why my body shrink to thin this late one year, is because I have refused my instinct from hearing what my heart screamed about, that it screamed about unhappiness that I’ve been going through. So now, after all have happened, I know…. That I have to leave. Because that’s what my Brother shouted at us “We want you to leave, out…! out … !”

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Who doesn’t know Amy Tan?
An American  writer that I ‘found’ few years ago, maybe around 2007-2008 somewhere in the book shop. I was bored, nothing to do, even I don’t understand why I was there confused. I scanned the books one by one and without reading it synopsis I put it back to the shelf, then move and doing the same. I didn’t know what book I wanted to read and why must ‘book’, why not ice-cream, going somewhere nice to clear my rotten-brain, or hang-out with friends (which I hate it), or even worse : smoking marijuana (which I’ve never tried it). The question is : Why ‘BOOK’ I was looking for whenever I feel confuse, lonely, angry or bored?

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Dear Goddess of Death
I think You should have taken me along ago in that river, it should be me and not my twin. If I knew You let me alive just to face this bitterness, I would have been commited suicide when there was a right time. Why must I facing these people? Why must putting me side by side with them? If You think that I might grow wiser and would be much stronger than before, You are wrong ! This making me sick – I’m tired !

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My one and the only brother in the world – Joseph – has just arrived at 5 in the afternoon, right after I got back from the market. Oh yeah, I forgot to update the latest news of his, that he’s going to open some kind of “bag-boutique” next to Dad’s store. He looked slenderer since been living in Jakarta. He is here now, back to this city, back to Mommy’s and Daddy’s embrace. I won’t be surprise if then I heard all the money flushed on to his new business is come from Mom and Dad.

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Something’s happened today, something that has touched me  this afternoon.
My friend Corry came over, putted out a thing through her comely bag. It is a black plastic bundle which secretly aimed  towards me, just like a drug secret business – done without eye contact.
“From Malaysia” she whispered and flickered.
I stunned while gazing to that bundle then moving at her, “Thank you..” that’s only I could say.
She smiled then walking back towards her bench across mine. Doubtful I start opening the bundle, peeping in to it and I found something like a note book and a brooch. I hastened hiding the bundle in to my rucksack as Samantha, a friend who came with me to this cafe suddenly appeared and sat next to me. Once again, I glanced at Corry but she pretended as if she’s busy with her book.

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When I heard they say BlackBerry will soon no longer available in Indonesia because this big company experiencing bankruptcy and has sold its shares to Android, I feel like I will missing mine. I don’t know what will be happen when BlackBerry stop operating, am I still able to use its applications? Or just like they said that I have to threw it into the water?




Rainy season in October, this will continue until December. Where the people changes their style of dress from “open style” to be completely “closed”. Where an umbrella will be the highest sales up till end this year and where motorcycle’s drivers looking for a coat. I love to watch those changes, wet roads, muddy shoes leaves a dirty footsteps on the floor, heads are covered with umbrella and the people walks in hurry or sometime don’t care at the rain at all. Some are walks in dejected faces, some even walks in confidence. And I no longer afraid of rain drops fall on to my head, I no longer feel headache soon after it hits me, I feel more strong now. I love to watch the sun hiding behind the clouds and the area suddenly cloudy.

I enjoy this season, cool and fresh. No dusts, no more humid like months before. Feels like I stand somewhere far from my city, not in my country or even somewhere unprinted on the map. A feeling that always raise when the sky turn to cloudy and I can feel soft wind hitting my skin. I feel like I was in the same mood along ago, somewhere, in another life. I believe that I once lived somewhere in this earth as “someone” opposite with I am now.


Unreadble – Readable

I once told him that I can forgive thousands mistakes one’s made. That no one allowed to determine which part would make me angry or sad or happy. I have myself unreadable, because I love to be like that. So I warned him to be careful. He said “I understood”.

Now I understand, why he said so. It’s because he thought he’s too clever to understand me, and considered that I am – readable. He has splashed a little black dot and thought it’s okay. No, I’m not okay. He has walked too far.

This is what I’m afraid about.
I’m afraid that I have no more heart because that little black-dot looked BIG for me now while he thought it’s just a PIECE, because he considered me – readable.

So I wonder, why should I stay here facing the same non-sense? Why should I fight for nothing? Isn’t it more easy to dump away all those who tries to splash dots on my face? Isn’t it more easy to erase their faces off this scrapbook rather than keep it?

So I told him that he’s not that clever, that he’s not that awesome to me. Because that little dot that he thought a “piece” has been a Big matter for me. And I no longer need him entire my life.

And I’m going to dump him.
Erase him – Forever.